Atlantica Worlds

On New Years Day 2021, I began work on Atlantica Worlds, a galaxy-wide single player role playing space game centered around a planetary system called the Atlantica System.

I chose Unreal Engine because of the support that Epic Games gives independent game developers. Epic Games has also provided a 64-bit coordinate system with the advent of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), a generous licensing agreement, and free monthly assets that I can use in my game. In addition, Epic Games is also a good steward with any companies, products, and services they acquire to the benefit of Unreal Engine users.

With Atlantica Worlds, I like to use the cutting edge technology that UE5 offers, including experimental and beta plugins. I have ported my game project from UE 4.25 to UE 4.26, UE 5.0 Preview, UE 5.0, UE 5.1, and onto UE 5.2. I'm currently using UE 5.2.1 for my very ambitious project.


Heaven's Disciples Games

About Heaven's Disciples Games

Heaven's Disciples Games is a division of Heaven's Disciples, a multimedia entertainment company featuring bookscomicsfilmsgamesmusicmerchandise, and clothing.

HD Games is going to design, develop, and publish PC, console, app, and tabletop card games based on the cohesive fictional Heaven's Disciples Universe.

Atlantica Prime, the 7th planet from Atlantica sun, in Space Engine.

Cohesive Fictional Universe

I'm currently building the fictional Atlantica planetary system; the Atlantica star is a fictional version of the Vega star, which is 25 light years away from Earth. Vega is the once and future North Star of Earth.

On Tierra (Earth) is the hidden and mystical Atlantica Island, that was abandoned by angels. The island has 1 Tierran gate 12 Atlantican cosmic gates. When the angelic gate technology is unlocked, the Tierran gate can be used to travel Tierra and the cosmic gates can be used to travel to the Atlantica system. Atlantica worlds are host to numerous habitable and terraformed planets. Angels, during Noah's time, terraformed and used these planets as ecological arks for ancient plants and creatures now extinct on Tierra.

Those who have been shipwrecked or crash landed onto Atlantica Island have found themselves unable to escape the island's grip. During the rare annular solar eclipses, also known as the "rings of fire," that occur in the island's oceanic region, the 12 cosmic gates activate and teleport surrounding people, animals, and plants to the corresponding Atlantican planets. Each of the 12 habitable Atlantican planets has a cosmic gate that corresponds with an Atlantica Island cosmic gate.

The Atlantica planetary system in Space Engine.

World Building

I'm currently building the Atlantica planetary system using Space Engine, a 3D planetarium and game engine software by astronomer and software developer Vladimir Romanyuk .

I will be using the planetary terrain data to create terrain for PC, console, and app games using the World Machine terrain editor.

I will then use the resulting terrain to create PC and console games using the Amazon Lumberyard game engine. The initial Amazon Lumberyard release was based on a legacy version of Crytek CryEngine 3.

Having the worlds built and the terrain defined before writing any novels, or creating comics, films, merchandise, and clothing designs, will allow Heaven's Disciples to build a more stable, consistent, and cohesive fictional universe.

Atlantica Island in CryEngine.

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