Atlantica Worlds

On New Years Day 2021, I began work on Atlantica Worlds, a galaxy-wide single player role playing space game centered around a planetary system called the Atlantica System.

I chose Unreal Engine because of the support that Epic Games gives independent game developers. Epic Games has also provided a 64-bit coordinate system with the advent of Unreal Engine 5 (UE5), a generous licensing agreement, and free monthly assets that I can use in my game. In addition, Epic Games is also a good steward with any companies, products, and services they acquire to the benefit of Unreal Engine users.

With Atlantica Worlds, I like to use the cutting edge technology that UE5 offers, including experimental and beta plugins. I have ported my game project from UE 4.25 to UE 4.26, UE 5.0 Preview, UE 5.0, UE 5.1, and onto UE 5.2. I'm currently using UE 5.2.1 for my very ambitious project.


Unreal Engine Landscape Using Material Blending Test 1

A test on Unreal Engine 4.25.3 of landscape material blending created using Blueprint visual scripting.

Video: Unreal Engine Landscape Using Material Blending Test 1